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Honors Biology Research Paper: Topic Selection

Check for Understanding

My topic is:

__ broad enough for quality information

__ narrow enough to not be overwhelmed

__ something that interests me

Topic Selection

Students have a tendency to just look up their topic and write or print everything they find.  Before you do this, take some time for the following:

Write some ideas down on paper that answer the following questions:

  • What do I already know about this subject?
  • What about my background or interests can I bring to this subject?
  • What do I want to learn more about?

If your topic is too broad, you will have trouble selecting information.  Your product will be vague and lack focus.  Narrow your topic by applying your own interest to the topic, focus on one aspect of the topic (geography, the passing of time, a famous invention, a pattern, looking at an event, the impact of technology) or a combination of these.

If you pick a topic that is too narrow, you won't find enough to write about.  Do some searches online or in the library's catalog.  Think of another similar topic and compare them, or think of a broader topic in the same area of interest.

Click on the document below for a visual on this process: