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Taliban Research Project for the Kite Runner: Writing Process

Writing Process

The Writing Process 

Step 5: Outline your research paper by chunking your research notes into subtopics. Your outline must include a thesis statement draft. This is also when you should be able to figure out if you need more information on a subtopic. 
Step 6: Make your work cited page using Mybib
Step 7: Write your intro paragraph. At the very least it must include a hook and intro into the topic in general and your thesis. 
*Use an MLA Report template in Google docs to save time formatting your paper. 

Step 8: Write your body paragraphs. Each one should have a strong topic sentence (like a mini thesis) that is supported by paraphrased and quoted research. Make sure your own ideas balance out the research. You MUST include parenthetical documentation for every quotation, fact, and idea you take from the research. 
Step 9: Write your conclusion. At a minimum you must restate your thesis, circle back to your hook, and provide a final insight. 
Step 10: Revision (this means making sure all of your ideas are clearly stated and well supported)
Step 11: Editing (grammar, spelling, academic tone, formatting…)

Other formatting musts: 

  • Running header (last name and page # at top right-hand corner)
  • Double spacing (even on the Work Cited page)
  • 1 inch margins
  • You must have an original title 
  • A cover page is optional