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Print Sources:

A spiral-bound guide to research with sample papers in the MLA style:

A Rookie’s Guide to Research: An MLA Style Guide by Barbara Mills and Mary Stiles (ISBN: 978-0-9721404-3—0), fourth edition, copyright 2009.

A great guide for writing a research paper with examples:

How to Write a Research Paper by Emma Chastain for Spark Notes (ISBN: 978-1-4114-2341-1) copyright 2008.

A short little book (88 pages) for approaching a research project with examples:

The Research Virtuoso: Brilliant Methods for Normal Brains by Joe Weissmann (ISBN: 978-1550379563) copyright 2006.

Online Sources:

Purdue Owl: Purdue’s Online Research Lab:  The most popular style and writing guide on the Internet -

Cambridge Rindge & Latin School’s Research Guide:  A site with ideas and guides for writing a research paper, including an online outline maker:

Diane Hacker and Barbara Fister’s website on Research and Documentation with source ideas and sample papers in the MLA and APA style:

The Research Project Calculator by Cool Tools for Minnesota Schools.  This will help you make a timeline to finish your research project:

Lake Land College Library’s Introduction to Information Literacy The entire class, online:

The Center for Writing Studies from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s Writer’s Resources from their Writers Workshop.  An entire online book of grammar, citation, and writing tips, which has a section on writing thesis statements:

Fay School Library’s Research Tool Kit:  A site with many resources for research including their Research

Research Study from the ERIAL (Ethnographic Research in Illinois Academic Libraries) project published on August 22, 2011 on Inside Higher Ed: What Students Don’t Know by Steve Kolowich. 

Student Assessment Research Process & Teacher/Librarian Research Process Rubrics adapted from:

The Research Process: Research Process Rubric- Kansas City Public Schools Collaborative Research Network:

Research Process Rubric (Middle School) - University of Wisconsin by Karen Franker:

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