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eBooks and Audiobooks

Google search: soraapp when on a computer or Chromebook. 

Click on Find your School.  
Click on Yes, Use My Location. 
Scroll down on click on Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School. 
Scroll or Search (AGAIN) for Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School. Sign in with your account. Browse or Search for a particular title or just browse. Click on Borrow to check out. On a cell phone or tablet, download the SORA app. To expand your options, link your public library card and/or Boston Public Library card to SORA.

Free Boston Public Library Card:
Get a FREE ecard from the Boston Public Library ONLINE.  Add the BPL to your SORA app for more books.  Detailed instructions are
here!  The BPL eCard gives you online access to apps to borrow audiobooks and ebooks, among other things like research databases and movies. Register for an e-card.

Chromebook Troubleshooting Guide

Chromebook Borrowing Form

ALL students who borrow a Chromebook from the Library MUST fill out this form first. Students will return their Library Loaner Chromebook by the end of the school day.  If not returned, the Chromebook will be disabled, and eventually, students will be issued a bill for the current value of a new Chromebook - $199. Students are not allowed to borrow another Library Chromebook until they have returned or paid for the previous Chromebook.

Summer Assignments 2024

Summer Assignments 2023 by Jennifer Jourdain



Book, Magazine,
Journal articles





Borrowing Books from the Library

  1. Browse our Library Catalog: Destiny Discover. Search for a book title, author, or subject.
  2. Click on the Title of the book you'd like to borrow.
  3. Log in with your Monty Tech EMAIL address and password and click on HOLD.
  4. We will put them aside for you. If you can't find the book you want or you are having trouble with our system, use this form.  Return books to the Book Drop.
  5. If you would like to recommend a book, click here

NEW! Technology for Easy Reading Online

These tools are Google Extensions and FREE. They will make it easier for you to read (and some have special features)

- Select and play
- Dictionaries
- Screen mask
- Highlights and Collect highlights
- Simplify page

- Immersive Reader
- Change font
- Themes/backgrounds
- Text size, spacing, 
- Pronounce words
- Line Focus

- Removes all ads
- Text size
- Sans font
- Theme (light/dark)
- Print-friendly

- Change all font to  OpenDyslexic
- Easy toggle on and off

- Instant switch for all features
- Font/background
- Shrink or hide images
- Read aloud has instant screen mask and underlines words in red

- Text to Speech
- Highlight/dictionary
- Display options
- Font
- Spacing (letter, line and word)
- Background color

- Google Speech to Text with Docs
- Zoom
- Dictionary

- Open Dyslexia font
- Audiobooks

Book the Library or the Smart Room

Welcome to the Library

MyBib is a free citation generator for MLA, APA, and Chicago style. Create a new Project & Add a Citation.  Choose website, book, journal, video, etc.  For database articles, click More then Write/Paste.  To copy or print your final list, click on Download Bibliography.  Click here for handout. Watch the video!

Monty Tech Regional News Sources

Custom search engine for newspapers that serve the district towns.  For passwords to the Gardner News, Fitchburg Sentinel, and T&G, click here (MT only).


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