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Start with these examples:

Example #1: The Children's Crusade

Example #2: The Tap Doctor (Plumbing Co.)

Example #3: WRHS Media Center

Why Use Animoto?

-  Video engages viewers.
-  Time-controlled presentation - must be 30 seconds or less.
-  Load images and video easily.
-  Saves on Animoto's server so there's no file to save, no conversion problems.
-  Need the internet to view, create and edit.
-  Online app.

Animoto Tutorial

Animoto Directions

Before you start your Animoto, have all of your research done and your digital media picked out, saved, and ready to go.

Quick steps:

Step 1 - Sign Up

To get started on Animoto, you'll need to register a free Animoto account. Click "Sign Up" to begin, or click "Sign In" to access your account.

Step 2 - Click on Create

Step 3 - Choose a Style

The style affects the look and feel of your video. Click on those that don't say "PRO" or it will ask you to upgrade.  Click on "make a 30-second video."  If you don't like the style, you can change it later.

Step 4 - Add Images & Music

Click on the box with the plus sign to add photos or text.  Make sure your photos are of good quality.  The maximum file size is 20MB.  For more info on picture quality, click here.  Click on the song title above your pictures to change the music.  You have over 600 songs to choose from.

Step 5 - Click on Preview and Save

You will get a

Academic Teachers

Lesson Plan ideas:

Research projects around the time period of the novel.
Book Reviews/Trailers
Describe a literary device or movement

Social Studies:

Exploration of one aspect of history (Wars, social issues, etc.)
How a trade relates to history
Describe a world religion or government
Examine human or civil rights

Description of a science experiment
Exploration of a scientific process
Animal project
How a trade relates to science

Foreign Language:
Explore a culture or country
Examine an important figure or time periods in a different country

Show how math relates to every day life
How a trade relates to math

Vocational Teachers

For Vocational Teachers:Use Animoto to address common Vocational Frameworks for Strand 4 and Strand 6.

Lesson Plan Ideas to address Performance Indicators for Strand 4
(Employability Knowledge and Skills): 

1. Students research careers in their trade and create a video with graphics, text, and video (4.A.01).

2. Students review a professional journal, choose an article, and develop a glog that summarizes the article that they will then present to the class (4.A.02).