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Research Guides for Projects.  Assignments, research suggestions & more.

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Directions for Booking the Library & Smart Rooms

Directions for Faculty and Staff:
- Click on the button for Library or Smart Room and pick a date.
- Choose your space and times. You will receive a confirmation email.  In this email, you can also cancel your times.
- You may also book from the Bookings Home Page

Periods start at the following times:
1 -  7:51
2 -  8:34
3 -  9:17
4 -  10:00
5b - 10:43    Note: If booking for  
5a - 11:09    5a/6a or 5b/6b

6b - 11:26    click in all three boxes
6a - 11:52    to avoid conflicts.

7 -  12:35
8 - 1:18
9 - 2:01 

Monty Tech Regional News Sources

This custom search engine searches newspapers that serve the district member towns.  For passwords to the Gardner News, Fitchburg Sentinel, and T&G, click here (Monty Tech only).

Book the Library, Smart Room or Lab 160

As an alternate, you may use the Bookings home page.

See video for directions, side box for period times.

Follett eBook and Audiobook Mobile Device Access

On a computer, search in the box above.  Enter your Monty Tech username and password after you click Open

On a mobile device, download the Follett Brytewave K-12 app.  For location, choose Massachusetts. Then type in mont (choose Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School, Fitchburg). Enter your school username and password.  Click on Stay Logged In. Search the catalog or just audiobooks or ebooks.  Click open to read Follett ebooks.   Once you open the book with your browser, read it as long as you want.  But once you close your browser, it is available for someone else.  It will save your place. You also can check the book out if you like.  After 14 days, electronic books and audiobooks are automatically returned.     

Print Resources

Search Print Books, Ebooks, and Audiobooks:
Search Titles Search Authors Search Subjects Search Keywords Search Series
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Welcome to the Library

Summer Instructions for Seniors

All senior Monty Tech Gmail and Drive accounts will be deleted at the end of June.  If you would like to keep these files, you will need to download or transfer them to a personal Google account.  Please review this attachment for instructions.

Book Club

Summer Reading Suggestions for Staff!  Read what other teachers recommend and you might find something great to read this summer. Also, check out this Top 100 list from The Great American Read (show premiers on PBS on May 22nd).

Join our book club online:

  • Join the club virtually by going to and following these instructions:
  • Register by clicking on the Google icon.
  • Create a name and password. (You can enter your goals and preferences or skip this step.)
  • Click on Community, then Groups.  Enter Monty Tech.  Join the Group and enter your Monty Tech email address. You will need to confirm in email.

Subject Guide

Jennifer Jourdain's picture
Jennifer Jourdain
Montachusett Regional Voc Tech School
1050 Westminster Street
Fitchburg, MA 01420
(978) 345-9200 x5125


Use the Google Chrome Extension, Scrible for your Works Cited.

Click for a video on how to use Scrible.

Click for a video on how to register for Scrible and the Google-Docs Add-on, Scrible Writer.